Value Added Program

The Department of Business Administration, organized Value Added Programme for 1st Semester BBA  Students. dated from 6th Sep 2023 to 12th Sep 2023. On the topic “Digital Marketing, a scheduled Six days certified Course conducted by Mr. Girish (Trainer, IT Desk, Bangalore) and Mr. Pranit Samal (Trainer, IT Desk, Bangalore), the course provided a detailed insight about the Digital Marketing

The course covered various topics like

1) Basic concepts.

2) SMM:- a. Facebook marketing and ads creation using facebook. b. Instagram marketing and ads creation using instagram. c. Facebook ads manager and its activity. d. Google ads(Video ads, Website traffic, Awareness, App promotion).

3) SEM:- a. What is PPC? b. Working with PPC. c. Google ads in PPC.

4) SEO:- a. Basic concepts. b. Types of SEO. c. Keyword research by using of tools. d. Select a proper content according to keyword. e. Google keyword planner tool. f. Semrush Tool. g. Keyword Magic tool.

  1. On-page:- a. Basics of on-Page SEO. b. How to do on-Page SEO. c. Examples with Websites. d. URL_Optimisation. e. Keyword Optimisation. f. Selecting Primary Keyword. g. Importance of Primary Keyword. h. Title Tag Optimisation with examples. i. What is Meta Tag. j. How to check the proper length of Title Tag. k. What is Pixels? Importance of Pixels in SEO. l. tool. m. What is Meta Description. n. Meta Description Optimisation. o. checking the proper length of Meta Description.

2. Keyword Density:- a. How to check keyword Density. b. Grammar Optimistaion. c. Spelling Optimisation. d. Content Optimisation. e. Spellcheck Tool.