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Date: 05th September 2023 Day: Tuesday Time: 11.30 am

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr. Chenga Reddy, SWC coordinator

Venue:  Conference hall

Participants: 53 Faculty members and 22 Administrative Staff members.

The Student Welfare Council (SWC) had taken the initiative to organize a Teachers Day celebration at Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College KGF on September 5th, 2023, and the celebration began at 11:30 a.m. in the conference hall. There were 53 faculty members, 22 Administrative Staff members and 80 students who participated.

The program started with the lighting of a lamp and prayers. The program was hosted by Ms. Prerana, Ms.Abhinaya, Ms. Ridha, and Ms.Bhagya Lakshmi, SWC members. Welcome speech by  Ms. Hajira, SWC member, followed by the inaugural speech by Dr.Rekha Sethi, Principal Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College KGF, Dr.Jayapandian, NSS officer and IQAC Coordinator, Mr.Babu office superintendent and Mr.Murali Kumar, PUC coordinator, who spoke about the significance of Teachers. A few games have been organized to entertain. The program ended by vote of thanks by Mr. Kethan, President of SWC. Food was served after the end of the celebration.



Date: 28th August 2023 Day: Monday Time: 1.45 pm Venue:  Open Auditorium

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr. Chenga Reddy, SWC coordinator

Participants: Admin staff and Faculty members of various departments.

Chandrayaan 3, India’s third lunar mission, achieved a historic milestone by successfully landing on the moon’s far side after a month-long journey through space. India became the first nation to position a rover near the southern pole.

The Student Welfare Council (SWC) had taken the initiative to create a Chandrayaan 3, Vikram Lander and rover model to give awareness about the mission such as:

1. The Chandrayaan-3 mission was launched on July 14 from India main space port in the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

2. ISRO Chandrayaan-3 mission cost is roughly ₹650 crore

3. The Chandrayaan-3 lander stands about 2 meters tall and has a mass of just over 1,700 kg.

4. The Chandrayaan-3 Lander has solar panels on four sides.

5. It would be able to land, and stabilize, even at a speed of 3 m/sec, or 10.8 km/hour.

6. A rover, which is a small vehicle that is meant to move around on the Moon’s surface, then came out of the Lander.

7. A Lander does not have wheels; it has stilts, or legs, which are supposed to touch down on the

Lunar surface

8. The landing site is near the south pole of the moon at 70 degrees latitude.

9. Vikram lander with a mass of 1749.86 kg.

10. Rover Pragyan inside it, has a mission life of one Lunar day, which is equivalent to 14 Earth days.

11. The mission will help in discovering what kinds of chemicals are found on Moon and oil. Such as magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Potassium, Calcium, Titanium, and Iron

12. India has become the only country to land its spacecraft on the South Pole region of the Moon.

13. India is the fourth country to do a soft landing on Moon.

14. Previously, China, the US, and the Soviet Union have achieved this milestone.

15. Companies behind the making of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft:

  • Larson and Tubro
  • Mishra Dhatu Nigam
  • BHEL
  • Godrej Aerospace
  • Ankit Aerospace

16. People behind the making of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft:

  • ISRO Chairman S Somanath.
  • Project Director, P Veeramuthuvel
  • Unnikrishnan Nair, Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
  • M Sankaran, Director of U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC)

17. Successfully landed on the lunar surface at 6:04 pm on August 23.

The following are the students taken initiative to build the model:

  1. Mr .kethan Vignesh N                                  2nd  BBA
  2. Ms. Akshitha                                                  2nd BBA
  3. Ms .Abinaya S                                                1st  BCA
  4. Ms .Bhagya Lakshmi                                     1st  BCA
  5. Ms .Ridaa kauser                                            1st  PMCS
  6. Ms .Hajira Khanum                                         1st  BCA


Event: YEH DESH HAI MERA-2023 Date: 9th, 10th and 14th August 2023

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr. Chenga Reddy, SWC Co-coordinator

Participants: 35 Students.

As the Nation celebrates its 76th Independence Day, various events have been organized by the Student Welfare Council (SWC) for degree and PG students starting on August 9th, 10th, and 14th, 2023.

Judges for the Events: Dr. B. K. Manjula HOD, Department of Kannada Mr. Nagesh Asst. Prof., Department of Kannada Mr. Prakash D. R. Asst. Prof., Department of Kannada Ms. Madhu Ashwini Asst. Prof., Department of Commerce

on 17th August 2023 Dr. Rekha Sethi, principal of SBMJFGC, KGF distributed certificates to the winners of the competition.

The following are the events organised : Make A Flag From Household Items Tri Color Flower Crafting Cross Word Puzzle Tri Color Nail Art Collage Of Freedom Fighters

Field Visit  “ Learn in Nature”

Event: Field Visit  “ Learn in Nature”

Date: 10th August 2023 Day: Thursday Time: 7.00 am

Event Organizer: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer Venue:  Devarayana Samudra, Vrushabadri Hills Mulbagal

Participants: 36  Students

The Student Welfare Council (SWC) organized a field visit, “LEARN IN NATURE” for final year students as a part of their academics. It is a way of improving learning in the nature by creating links to the real world. Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Mahesh Kumar Kadam are the resource persons for the day. The student trekked from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. in Devarayana Samudra, Vrushabadri Hills Mulbagal. From 1:45 to 2:30, Mr. Mahesh Kumar Kadam gave a guest lecture on how to protect and preserve the environment.

Career Guidance “ Build Your Career

Event: Career Guidance “ Build Your Career

Date: 08th August 2023 Day: Tuesday Time: 11.30 am Venue:  Auditorium

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr. Chenga Reddy, SWC Co-coordinator

Participants: 85 Students.

Resource Person: Ms. Afseena, Alumni

Student Welfare Council (SWC) in association with Alumni Association Organised Career Guidanceon  “Build your Future Career” to help students understand their strengths, weaknesses, and interests, and provide them with a clearer picture of the career paths available to them. Ms.Afseena Alumni of SBMJFGC, KGF has called as a resource person to give a guest lecture on Career Guidance.

The following are the topics explained : 1. Choosing the right career 2. What type of career should be chosen? 3. Life after college 4. Required skills for career enhancement 5. How to balance work life by choosing the career 6. Mistakes that the student should avoid while choosing the career

Selection of new SWC members

Date: 27th JULY 2023 Day: Wednesday Time: 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm Venue:  ARG

Event Coordinator: Mr Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr Chenga Reddy, SWC coordinator

Participants: 20 Students.

The Student Welfare Council (SWC) conducted Interviews for new members who have been registered to join as a member of the SWC. About 20 students accompanied the interview, out of 20 students 18 students have been selected as the new members of SWC

Few responsibilities have been allocated to the new members according to their talent.


Date: 03rd JULY 2023
Day: Monday
Time: 09.00 am
Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr. Chenga Reddy, SWC Co-ordinator
Venue: Open Auditorium
Participants: 200 Students.
Student Welfare Council (SWC) Organised “GURU PURNIMA”, the festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers was celebrated in our college at 9.00 p.m on the 3rd of july 2023. The full moon day in the month of Ashada of the Hindu calendar is celebrated as guru purnima. This day is also marked to pay our tribute to the great sage Vedavyasa who compiled the Vedas, eighteen puranas, the Mahabharatha and the Brahma Suthras.
The programme was inaugurated by invocation song followed by the lighting of the lamp by Dr.Rekha Sethi, principal SBMJC, KGF and Faculty members.
The welcome address was delivered by Mr.Younus, President of SWC, followed by inaugural dance. Ms.Prerana, vise President of SWC, she explained the meaning of ‘Guru’ and their role in bringing up the progress in the society.


Date: 04th JULY 2023
Day: Tuesday
Time: 11.00 am to 2.00pm
Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWC Officer, Mr. Chenga Reddy, SWC coordinator
Venue: Auditorium
Participants: 150 Students.

The Student Welfare Council (SWC) organized “CHARITY CHAMPIONS,” a gaming event for degree students. It was conducted for the purpose of helping our college students with their financial needs.
The following are the games conduct

Awareness programme on soil conservation  


Date: 09th June 2023

Day: Friday

Time: 11.30 am to 01.00pm

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer

Venue: Auditorium

Resource Person :

 Mr. Mahesh Rao Kadam

Paryvaran Samrakshan gathividhi Coordinator, Kolar

Participants: 97 Students.

Student welfare association (SWA) has conducted  awareness programme on soil conservation    

 “NAMMA PARISARA NAMMA JOTHE” on 09th June 2023 for degree students.It is conducted for the purpose to know the importance of soil conservation.

The following concept has been discussed:

  • Horizons of soil
  • 5 elements ( Water, Air, Soil, Earth, Fire)
  • Need for soil
  • Differences between Organic and chemically soil

Competitive Exam Orientation Session

Event: Competitive Exam Orientation Session

Date: 03rd June 2023

Day: Saturday

Time: 04.00pm  to 05.00pm

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer

Venue/Mode: Online (Zoom app)

Resource Person : Suman Kumari, Assistant Professor M.Com UGC Net (Cleared twice ) , KSET

Student welfare association (SWA) in association with Milestone Academy  has conducted “Competitive Exam Orientation Session“on 03rd June 2023.  It is organised to increase confidence level among the students and to create awareness on various competitive exam.

The following concept has been discussed in Orientation Session:

  • List of various competitive exam
  • Common Syllabus for competitive exam
  • Examination pattern for RRB, RBI, SBI
  • Age limit and attempts to appear for government competitive exam