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Date: 12th JANUARY 2023
Time: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer
Venue: Conference Hall
Participants: 230 Students.

The event was organized on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda birthday as NATIONAL YOUTH DAY – Yuva Diwas 2023 by our youth of student welfare Association, conducting events for students from 5th to 11th Jan 2023 as Article writing , Painting , Reels Making, Skit Competition, Debate , ramp walk –Mr. and Ms Youth 2022.

The celebration was continued with lightning of lamp and honoring Swami Vivekananda Photo with flower by our Guest Dr. Rekha sethi principal, SBMJFGC KGF, Mr. Jayapandian L , IQAC coordinator , Mr. N Praveen, Student Welfare officer .Continued with Speech on Swami Vivekananda by Ms.Swathi and event concluded with certificate distribution for the winners and Mr. and Ms. Youth was honored.

Event Details:

The first one being the Mr. and Ms.Youth, both rounds being held on 5th January
We had total of 11 participants

The second being Quiz which was conducted on 10th January which had a whopping 75 teams in PUC and around 25 teams in Degree

We had Painting, Poster making competition on 6th January which had around 15 and 10 participants respectively

We had article writing on 7th of January which had 16 participants and Debate on 9th January which had 7 participants.

We had Quiz final round on 11th of January which had 26 participants.



Day: Friday Time: 10.00am  to 11.15am Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer Faculty coordinator: Mr. Harish G, Assistant professor, Department of commerce

Participants: 41 Students.

Student Welfare Association (SWA) Organised an Industrial Visit to Deccan Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd Dasarahosahalli Bangarpet for 1st year B.Com students. 41 students and 1 faculty visited Deccan Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd to interact and understand how the various products are manufactured for four wheelers, Commercial vehicles, Tractors and Off-Road vehicle segments. They also supplies for both Domestic and International markets such as BEML, VOLVO, TATA, L&T Constructions, and SAME DEUTZ- FAHR.

In the morning @ 10.30 am we visited to Deccan Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd we divided our students in Group for the visit and the interaction with the industry persons. In this visit students were very eagerly waiting for listening to department’s head explanation regarding process of production.



Date: 19th DECEMBER 2022 Day: Monday Time: 10.00am  to 11.15am Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer Venue: Auditorium Resource Person : Mr. Ghouse Pasha Participants: 83 Students.

Student Welfare Association (SWA) Organised seminar on “IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION IN OUR LIFE” for degree students for  the  purpose of building up Effective communication, building relationships, teamwork, and also helps to develop your knowledge base, which helps you make better life choices.

The following are the topics explained : Communication and its importance in our lives. Types of Communication. Factors that lead to effective communication. 7 C’s of Effective Communication. What’s the most difficult part of communication? What’s the best way to keep the communication going? How can we improve our communication?

CA – Career Guidance

Date: 19th DECEMBER 2022 Time: 1.30pm  to 03.30pm Day: Monday

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer Venue: Auditorium

Resource Person :   1. CA R.Magesh Fellow Member Of  ICAI 2.  CA D.Suman Co Founder Smart Learn Educare Pvt Ltd   3. Mr. Praveen Kumar ( Pride Alumni, 2013 batch)

Participants: 180+ Students.

Student Welfare Association (SWA) Organised  workshop on “CA Career Guidance” for students of SBMJC, KGF

The following are the topics explained :

  • Operating accounts
  • Examination procedure (Levels)
  • Fee structure
  • Carrying out internal audits
  • Managing tax
  • Auditing books of accounts


Date: 16th December 2022 Day: Friday Time: 10.30am  to 1.30pm Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer Participants: 165 Students. Venue: Auditorium

Resource Person : Dr Nupur Handa Partner MO Mr. Col Tandon HR retired veteran from armed forces Mr Harish Naik Senior Manager MO    

Student Welfare Association (SWA) Organised  workshop on “FINACIAL LITERACY” for  degree students to create the awareness on savings , investments and ability to make better financial decisions on equities.

The following are the topics explained :

  • Inflation
  • Types and comparision of Asset Classes
  • Investment values
  • GDP
  • BSE & NSE
  • Indias share in worlds export


Date: 3rd December 2022 Venue: Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), KOLAR Day: Saturday Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N, SWA Officer

Faculty in charge: Mr. Hemanth, Assistant Professor Dept of Commerce. SBMJFGC, KGF

Resource Person : Mr. Uday KMF, Kolar

Participants: 62 Students

Student Welfare Association (SWA) in association with Dept of Commerce Organised INDUSTRIAL VISIT to Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), KOLAR, for B.Com students.The visit is to understand the organization as a whole and to study the different departments in detail and get knowledge about the organization. The visit is directed towards on understanding the functions of different departments and also gaining the knowledge by practical exposure to the working environment in the organization.


Date: 01st and 02nd DECEMBER 2022 Day: Thursday and Friday Time: 11.15am  to 1.15pm Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen N , SWA Officer Venue: Fire station KGF

Resource Person : Mr. Subramani Karnataka State Fire Service, KGF

Participants: 143 Students

Student Welfare Association (SWA) Organised  workshop on “FIRE SAFETY AWARENESS” for degree students for the purpose of preventing fire events and managing their impact.

The following are the topics explained : 1. Methods of Fire Extinguisher Cooling Method   Covering Method Separation Method

2. Classes of Fire A Class fire – managing fire impact for paper, wood etc AB Class fire- managing fire impact for oil, petrol, Greece etc C Class fire- managing fire impact for electrical appliances ABC Class fire- managing fire impact for metal, gold, silver etc

3. Life jacket benefits 4. Various instruments are used to resque during the fire events. 5. Live demo has been demonstrated during the workshop session.

Orphanage visit – Outreach activity

On the eve of children’s day SWA organized outreach program in Happy Home (orphanage) at BEML Nagar.KGF. The students spent the time by entertaining the children’s by conducting various games and motivated them interacting one to one child. Served snacks and enjoyed by giving gifts for students who won in games.

Event: Outreach activity –Orphanage visit Date: 14/11/2022 Day: Monday Time: 1.30 pm to 3.30pm Participants: 18 Students and 2 faculties

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen- SWO Officer Place: Happy Home (orphanage) at BEML Nagar.KGF

List of games: Musical chairs for elder Bowling n cup game for younger ones Dumshalaths Chinese whisper Passing the parcel Chain is going to cut Mismatch

Awareness Programme On LPG Consumption And Safety

Student Welfare Association Organised  awareness programme on usage of LPG gas and maintanence. Resource person Mr. Subramani from  Indian Gas Agency, Kitchen Links, has given a brief explaination on how to save gas,  Safety precautions and  measures taken during emergency.

Date: 16/11/2022 Day: Wednesday

Time: 12.15pm  to 1.15pm

Event Coordinator: Mr. Praveen- SWO Officer Venue: Auditorium Participants: 95  Female Students

Resource Person : Mr. Subramani Indian Gas Agency, Kitchen Links, Robertsonpet, K.G.F

Awareness Program

“Place your hand over your heart, can you feel it?. That is called purpose. You’re alive for a reason .so don’t ever give up”

We organized an awareness program on  12-09-22 World suicide prevention day

Elocutionist for the day was Mrs. Nazneen Ahmed SWA OFFICER SBMJC, KGF Rotaractors from various streams were trained &  participated.                         

Event chair Rtr.Hema (Secretary 2022-23)

Event co-chair Rtr.Chetan p khupkar (Club service director 2022-23)

Rtr.Afifa farheen (President 2022-23)

Rtr.Hema (Secretary 2022-23)