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Dr S Shabbeer Basha, Professor
Dept. of Hindi

Ms Lavenya
Dept. of Life Science

Ms. Ms Shamala
Dept. of Commerce

Mr Harish
Dept. of Commerce

Ms Akila
Dept. of Management

Ms Suganya
Dept. of Computer Science

Dr Rajanna
Dept. of Kannada

Ms Madhu Ashwini
Dept. of Commerce

Students Co - Ordinators
Ms Susmitha, BBA
Ms Madhu, BBA
Ms Pooja, BCOM
Ms Sewtha Rani, BCOM
Mr Saras Kumar, BCOM
Ms Pooja, BCOM
Ms Hemashree, BSc
Ms Pavithra, BCOM
Ms Kavyashree, BCOM
Ms Samreen, BCOM

Cultural Committee

The institution lays a platform to always prove to be a place of great learning experience. No one could possibly miss the posters of the cultural forum, in every nook and corner of the college, these were the first signs that the much awaited fest is right around the corner. The institution has new themes for the fest annually. One will really face a lot of surprises. This forum has long arduous hours of practices, peppered with unforgettable moments of laughter. The forum encourages students to participate in fests and has bagged a number of trophies. The members are prepared to go through challenging indoor and outdoor activities. The students are able to test their leadership and decision making abilities with team work. The memories of serving in this forum will be forever imprinted in the hearts. Observing Ethnic Day, Rainbow week, Avishkar and Vrishni are the Mega events that staff and students await for.


  • To bring out the hidden talents
  • To excel in leadership qualities
  • To play the role of an excellent host
  • To promote good values and virtues
  • To develop healthy relationship with fellow students