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Department of Computer Science Organized Inter Class Seminar

The Department of Computer Science Organized Inter Class Seminar

For I Semester BCA Students

On: 3rd and 5th August -2023

By: Poornima C & Keerthi 1 Semester BCA Students

Faculty In-Charge: Mr. Siddarama S HOD Dept. Of Computer Science.

Objective of the Seminar:

  1. Proficiency in Verbal Communication: Most of the young graduates lack the confidence and fluency while interacting verbally. Coming either from rural or sub-urban background, many students hold good academic record and industrial skills but lack behind while expressing themselves. This small yet major drawback often hinders the achievements of students while campus placements. Speaking about a researched topic in seminars and workshops before a gathered audience boosts the confidence of the students preparing them precisely for interviews and group discussions.
  2. Acquirement of Knowledge in a Particular Field: Seminars and workshops provide a chance to interact with experts from the specific field. Discussing about the relevant topics of the particular subject, students tend to learn about the latest information and new skills related to the concerned subject. As a result of genuine interest shown by the students to know and learn about the subject, they research about the particular topic with the help of expert guidance and land in their conclusion after a careful investigation, experiment, and simulation.
  3. Growth in Networking: In seminars and workshops the students and faculties from different educational institution join to take part. Meeting new people can help the students in getting guidance and solutions related to common problems. Making new friends can not only encourage new ways of thinking and learning but might open up new opportunities as well. Even after the completion of seminar or workshop programs, these chains of networking can help the students in escalation of their professional life.
  4. Encouragement and Motivation: Talking and learning about a new topic will encourage the students to explore new areas relevant to the topic. Students will feel motivated to research and learn new things. With proper guidance from teachers and experts, students feel motivated to publish their own research journals, contributing significantly to the education sector.
  5. A Different Environment than Classroom: In a learning environment different and unique from classrooms, students learn more effectively and efficiently. Far from the textbooks and academic syllabuses, students research and learn on their own which boost their confidence, performance, and productivity.

Department of Computer Science Organized Carrier Development Program

The Department of Computer Science Organized Carrier Development Program

For 2nd Year BCA Students

On 2nd August 2023

Topic: Full Stack Development in Java & Python

Total No of Students attended: 50

Faculty coordinator: Mr.Siddarama S, HOD Dept.Of Computer Science.

Resource Persons

Objective of the Program: Resource person talk

To attract and retain effective persons in an organization. To utilize human resources optimally. To improve morale and motivation level of employees. To reduce employee turnover.

The main duties and responsibilities of a Java full-stack developer are to: design back-end architecture using multiple technologies. build front-end technologies to create user interfaces. build flexible applications and websites as per client and end-user preferences.

The role of a Python full stack developer is to bridge the gap between these two positions. They are responsible for creating a streamlined user experience across both the back-end and front-end portions of an application.

Career Guidance Program

The IQAC of SBMJFGC, KGF in association with Aakash Byju’s Bengaluru organised Career Guidance Program on 21st July 2023 in the auditorium from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

180 students and 05 faculty members participated in the program.

Resource Person: Mr. Rakesh Aakash BYJU’s, Bengaluru

Department of Computer Science Organized Inter Class Seminar

The Department of Computer Science Organized Inter Class Seminar

By: Thanushree A 2nd Semester BCA Student. On 31st July 2023

Topic: Formatted and Unformulated Input output Functions in C

Total No Students Attended: 60

Faculty Co-Coordinator: Mr. Siddarama S, HOD Dept.Of Computer Science.

Objective of the Inter Class Seminar:

Improving communication skills

Gaining expert knowledge

Networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence.

Proficiency in Verbal Communication:

Acquirement of Knowledge in a Particular Field:

A Different Environment than Classroom

National Level Conference Attended at Vijaya College Bengaluru.

The Department of Computer Science HOD Mr. Siddarama S Presented Paper and Students Participated in National Level Conference Organized by Vijaya College Bengaluru.

Theme of the National Conference: Intellectual Property Rights

Organized by: Vijaya College Bengaluru In association with Bengaluru Institute of Legal Studies

Date of Conference: 21st July 2023

Title of the paper Presented : Intellectual Property Rights and the Digital World

Total No of Students Participated: 15

Priyanka M

Thanushree A

Noor Aeshiya

Zaiba Firdose

Kushika K

Preethi S

Manoj B S

Nithin M N

Nithin R N

Sandeep V

Vignesh A

Rakshitha S

Ankitha N



Objective of the Conference: The Conference aims at providing an opportunity for academicians and students to learn about the basis of IPR and protect their intellectual properties. Faculty members enrich their students about legal framework of IPR and facilitate better data security, and provide information on how to file a research patent, copyright and trademark applications and defined IP infringement claims.

Dr. Thonta Aradhya Sir, Asst Professor, Department of Electronics

Students visited Electronics lab at Vijaya College bangaluru and gained knowledge about Micro processor and different electronics equipment’s and its usages in the real time. Students also gained knowledge about practical experiences about different waves in electronics.

Students visited Zoology lab at Vijaya College Bengaluru, and gained knowledge about aquatic animals and human anatomy.

ROVERS AND RANGERS – Orientation Programme

On 28.06.2023, orientation programme was organized for the students and aspirants of Rovers and Rangers at Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College KGF 

The program was inaugurated by Local Body Secretary Shri. T C Manjunath.

 District Organizing Commissioner Shri. Vishwanath V spoke about Rovers and Rangers and the way to carry units.

Mr. Naveen Kumar Scout Master participated as a resource person and gave information about Scouts and Guides.

The Orientation programme was presided over by Dr. Rekha Sethi, Principal of the college and said that she would provide full cooperation and guidance for the activities of Scouts and Guides, Rovers Rangers.

The Orientation programme was organized by Mr. Balakrishna A Rover Scout Leader, Ranger Leader Ms. Sangeeta, Ms. Elizabeth Rani, Ranger Leader, and Senior Rovers and Rangers.

200 students of the college participated in the Orientation programme and made it a success.


  • Students understood the importance of Scouting in daily life.
  • Students learnt the basics of Scouting.

Pre-Placement Training Program in JAVA

The Placement Cell of SBMJFGC, KGF, in association with NSDC(National Skill Development Corporation),Bengaluru organised online mode Pre-Placement Training Program in JAVA for BCA and B.Sc Final year students on 27th June 2023 in the computer lab.

Total: 60 students participated in the training program

National Webinar

The Department of Physical Science and Life Science, in association with IQAC, organized a National webinar on the topic “Strategies to Crack Competitive Level Examination After Graduation” on 22/06/2023. The resource person was Ms. Ruchitha Roy from IFAS Edutech, Pune. She spoke about various exams like IIT JAM, CUET, TIFR, PET, JUST and GATE, that a student can attempt for a masters programme at reputed Universities and Institutions. About 37 students registered and participated in the webinar and E- certificate were provided.

Department of Computer Science Organized Orientation Day for Freshers on 19th June 2023

The Department of Computer Science Organized Orientation Day For Freshers

on: 19th June 2023

BCA-2023-24 Batch

Venue: Auditorium SBMJC-KGF

Chief Guest: Dr.Rekha Sethi, Principal SBMJC-KGF

Total No of Student Attended: 80

Total no of Faculty Attended: 07

Program Co-ordinator: Mr.Siddarama S, HoD Dept of Comp Sci-SBMJC-KGF

Objective of the Orientation Day:

The goals of the orientation programs are to create student’s familiarity with the institution’s regulations and academic standards, acquaint the students with their classmates and to learn about the other institutional members that will help students succeed.

Asked the Students Introduce your self, with their goals.

From the Department explained about Bangalure North University Prescribed-National Education Policy [NEP] Syllabus

Explained about Department Activities like academic and non academic.

Then Discussed about Language Selection and Open elective subjects and Core subjects.

Motivated students to do paper presentation and app development .

Finlay discussed about do’s and dont’s in the college campus,labs and classrooms.