Student Welfare Council

Student Welfare Council was established on 3rd Jan 2016,in tune with vision and mission of the institution SBMJC. KGF and  encompasses everything that a college community does to meet the personal and social needs of students well being. It involves recognizing, valuing and developing each student as a total and unique person in the context of society. The Student Welfare Programme is the sum total of all of the policies, structures and activities which are planned and implemented by the college to promote student welfare with service motto.


To have a dynamic caring centre, in the provision if Relevant, Physical and Social will being through organized services programmes and timely support for students in need.


Is to facilitate the social leadership and personal well being and to develop high moral values sound life skills among students.


Providing Efficient, Amicable Quality and Integral support and care to students.


“We care for your care”.


  • Through its student welfare programme, the college aims its students to holistic development.
  • An effective communicative rapport is build with Alumni.
  • A coherent set of values to guide student behavior.
  • A sense of personal and social responsibility for their actions and personal dignity.
  • Self reliance and a sense of cultural identity.
  • A college, co-operating with parents, can work towards realizing these aims through programmes and support services.
  • Remedial measures to overcome specific difficulties.
  • The association works for various activities such as Research, Event, Counseling and Discipline of the institution.


  • To ensure all college activity is logged onto the behavior system/communication log as required by counselling.
  • To liaise with teaching and other support staff as necessary in carrying out tasks as directed by the Head of College.
  • To liaise with external agencies as appropriate.

Student Welfare Council –Board of Directors

  1. Afseena Tahsin               -President            B.Com
  2. Tharun. B.                        -Vice president   B.Sc
  3. Rashmi T. S                      -Secretary            B.Com
  4. Vinodh M.                         -Joint secretary
  5. Simran sultana                -Treasurer           BBA
  6. Lethika                              -Treasurer           B.Com


  1. Chandhini. K. N
  2. Mohamed yonus
  3. Pavanendranath
  4. Kumar. B
  5. Nimith Sagar. K. N
  6. Chethur Simha. N.
  7. Abdul khadar. J.
  8. Zuha Taskeen
  9. Afsiya Anjum
  10. Samreen. S.
  11. Gowtham. R.
  12. Nandish. B.
  13. Nithin. K. L
  14. Vighnesh. T.
  15. Asfiya Farheen
  16. Monisha.
  17. Arpitha Sharma
  18. Asfiya Anjum. V.
  19. Ameena kouser
  20. Arshiya Tamannah
  21. Gokul Krishna. M.
  22. Sunil. V