Guest Lecture on Human Values and Ethics

IQAC organised a guest lecture on Human Values and Ethics on June 14, 2023, for the UG students. The resource person was Mr. Venkat Prabhu, motivational speaker, Pro-Edge, Bangalore. He spoke on the five universal Human Values of Love, Truth, Right Conduct, Peace and Non-violence, which encompass all the noble values. He added that when ethical values are integrated into an individual’s life, they promote a sense of accountability and responsibility, encouraging them to act in the best interests of themselves and others. Human values, on the other hand, are crucial for fostering empathy and compassion.

Programme to fill online Anti Ragging Affidavit Form

Anti Ragging Cell organized a programme to fill the online Anti Ragging Affidavit form for 1st year degree students on 26/05/2023. Mr. Muniraja D K, Coordinator and Asst Professor, Department of Physical Science, explained the filling of online Anti- Ragging Affidavit Form, Mr. Prakash, Asst Professor, Department of Management Studies, spoke on consequences of ragging & action taken under the law against whom rag in the college, Mr. Umesh, Member, Asst Professor, Department of Computer Science supported in filling the online form and 150 students were present.

Crime Prevention Programme

The Code of Conduct Committee, in association with the NSS Unit and the Robertsonpet Police Department, KGF, organised a Crime Prevention Awareness Programme on December 23, 2022, for the UG students. Dr. Jayapandian L. addressed the gathering. CI and SI spoke about the increased number of youth cautions for crimes such as robbery, assault, violence, drug abuse, and possession of weapons. They also added that the problem of committing crimes at a young age will greatly impact the future of youths in terms of education, career, and quality of life. As well as impacting their own lives, the victims of these crimes are usually innocent and often suffer the consequences of their actions, which could potentially be life-changing.

Awareness Programme on Ragging and its Consequences

An Awareness programme was organized by anti ragging cell dated on 21st, September 2022.  To create awareness on ragging at college and its consequences & in case of any such instances whom to contact in the college & the anti ragging cell members were introduced. About 200 students from various streams were present. During this occasion, the Chief Guest – Dr Rekha Sethi Principal of SBMJC, Mr. Muniraja D K, Coordinator, Anti ragging cell, Mr. Umesh, Member, Asst Professor, Department of Computer Science, Dr. Jayapandian NSS Officer and other Faculty members were present.

Orientation Programme

The Orientation programme was conducted on 12th September, 2022 for freshers of the first year B.Com, BCA, BBA, B.Sc (PMCS & BGB). Dr. Rekha Sethi, Principal, introduced all the Faculty Members and various cells and their heads. Ms. Lavenya, Department of Life Science, welcomed the gathering. Mr. Jayapandian L, NSS Co-ordinator, presented PPT on NSS activities, Mr. Praveen, Department of Commerce and Student Welfare Officer, presented PPT on Student Welfare Association activities. Ms. Savitha, Librarian, presented PPT on Library information Centre and Ms. Madhu Ashwini, Dept. of Commerce, Cultural Forum Convener presented a PPT on the events organised by the Cultural Forum and to be conducted. Mr. Harish, Dept. of Commerce presented PPT on Free Online Learning platform like Coursera and Linkedin for the students. Mr. Rakesh Dept of sports briefed about the university event of sports and inter and intra sports events.

College Code of Conduct Committee spoke about the college timings, mandate ID cards, hair cut, and dress code of the students to be followed and also ban of ragging, sexual harassment and plastic in the college.