Online Free Registration for GruhaJyothi

On 07 July 2023 Rovers and Rangers of SBMJC – K G F, took an initiative to facilitate Students, Faculty members and Other interested citizens of Karnataka (K G F), to register free online to avail the GruhaJyothi benefit (Free Electricity) an initiative by Government of Karnataka which was launched exclusively for the benefit of household.

The Rovers and Rangers actively took part in the Registration and helped the needy people to register for free of cost.

25 People were benefitted by this initiative.

Organizers were:

Balakrishna A, Assistant Professor and Rover Scout Leader SBMJFGC – K G F, Rovers and Rangers of Bhagath Singh Crew and Rani Chennamma Team.

Gurupooja Sangeetha Utsava

On 1 July 2023 to 04 July 2023 Sri Kshetra Kaiwara, The Trustee members of the Temple organized Gurupooja Sangeetha utsava at Kaiwara. For this event the District association gave a call to all the Rovers and Rangers of the district.

The Rovers and Rangers of SBMJFGC – K G F, took an initiative to render the Service at Gurupooja Sangeetha utsava. This was held at Kaiwara from 1 July 2023 to 3 July 2023. List of Rovers and Rangers actively took part and rendered service at this event.

  • Rover Dhanush II Semester
  • Rover Vamshi II Semester
  • Rover Ashraf Ali II Semester
  • Ranger Keerthi II Semester

Students learnt the way to manage the crowd. And co ordination.

ROVERS AND RANGERS – Orientation Programme

On 28.06.2023, orientation programme was organized for the students and aspirants of Rovers and Rangers at Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College KGF 

The program was inaugurated by Local Body Secretary Shri. T C Manjunath.

 District Organizing Commissioner Shri. Vishwanath V spoke about Rovers and Rangers and the way to carry units.

Mr. Naveen Kumar Scout Master participated as a resource person and gave information about Scouts and Guides.

The Orientation programme was presided over by Dr. Rekha Sethi, Principal of the college and said that she would provide full cooperation and guidance for the activities of Scouts and Guides, Rovers Rangers.

The Orientation programme was organized by Mr. Balakrishna A Rover Scout Leader, Ranger Leader Ms. Sangeeta, Ms. Elizabeth Rani, Ranger Leader, and Senior Rovers and Rangers.

200 students of the college participated in the Orientation programme and made it a success.


  • Students understood the importance of Scouting in daily life.
  • Students learnt the basics of Scouting.

Rally on Conservation of Water

On 30th  June 2023 Bhagath Singh Crew Rovers and Rani Chennamma Team Rangers of Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College – K G F. in collaboration with K G F Local Association organized a rally on the theme “Conservation of Water”. The rally was inaugurated by Dr. REKHA SETHI Principal of Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College – K G F. The rally commenced from Jain College and carried via Suraj Mull Circle, Gandhi Circle, Robertsonpet, Raja Kumar Circle and culminated at Jain College.

The rally witnessed Rover Scout Leader and Assistant Professor Balakrishna, Senior Ranger Leader and Lecturer Elizabeth Rani, Ranger Leader and Lecturer Sangeetha, PRO of Jain College Mr. Navendran, Senior Rover and Ranger students, 250 students of Jain College actively took part in the rally.

The objective of the rally was to create awareness about conservation of water, Jal Shakthi Abiyan and Atal Bhoo Jal Yojana to the citizens of K G F. Students came with the slogans saying “Save water, save lives”, “Nirina samrakshane, Namellara hone”. And many more.

Commemoration of Bhagat Singh and awareness Program

The Bharat Scouts and Guides Rovers and Rangers of SBMJFGC, KGF had a Commemoration of Bhagat Singh and Created awareness about his thoughts, Philosophies, and revolutionary nature to the first semester Students on 29th September 2022 in the class room.

Total : 60 Students Attended the awareness program.

Co-ordinator Mr. Balakrishna Asst. Prof, Rovers Scout Leader