Women’s Cell


The Women’s cell of SBMJFGC, K.G.F.  was established in the year 2013.

The college has a Women Empowerment Cell for which there is need to make women conscious of their condition of subordination and constraints and to create a new sensibility to make her understand her real worth.  The college is working to improve the conditions of the women in and around the institutions.  The members of the women empowerment cell work with the specific objective of sensitizing the women folks of the issues like importance of girl child, child education, women’s rights, legal literacy, health and hygiene.  The cell also aims at achieving high level mental upliftment of female staff and student by having seminars, guest lectures and other awareness programmes.

VISION                                                                                                                                                Women Empowerment Cell focuses on the necessity to redistribute the power and resources in order to make men and women realize that they are equal partners of society.

MISSION                                                                                                                                         To bring out a better scenario in learning and working environment to make men and women are equally treated and extends a strong support to all the women in sensitizing the objective of overall empowerment.


  • The Women’s Cell assist in achieving their full potential in education, career and personal life
  • Create awareness on equal opportunity
  • Conducts programs to empower them financially, emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Capacity building and strengthening of confidence through various programmes


  • The Women Cell was established with the mission of making the women globally competent, educated and self reliant
  • To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment
  • The importance of women’s Rights & empowerment helps in improving self confidence and building capacities in various innovative ways


Dr. Rekha Sethi Principal Head of Institution
Mrs. Reena A Asst. Professor Faculty Co-coordinator
Mrs. Sandhya N Asst. Professor Faculty Member
Mrs. Aruna Asst. Professor Faculty Member
Ms. Simran Sultana Student Student Co-coordinator
Ms. Monisha D Student Student member
Ms. Nivedha M Student Student member
Ms. Preethika T Student Student member
Ms. Vaishnavi Student Student member
Ms. Waheeda Anjum Student Student member
Ms. Hajira Kulsum M Student Student member
Ms. Syeeda Musrath S Student Student member

Activities held in 2021-2022


International Women’s Day Celebrated annually on 8th March 2021 to commemorate the cultural, political and the socio economic achievements of women.  It is also a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to gender equality and violence against women.

Mrs. Shiva Priya Vinayak, Asst. Professor, Kengal Hanumanthiah Law College has been invited as the Guest of Honor enlightened the women in raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy and training.

Program Outcome:

250 Girl students Participated, 50 women Faculties witnessed the aids of ability to manage risk and improve women’s well-being.

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