Monthly Archives: April 2023


The NSS Unit of SBMJFGC organised Shamadhan at King George Hall, KGF on 24th April 2023 around 75 students NSS volunteers participated and cleaned the public park.

Dr. L. Jayapandian NSS officer and 3 faculty members were took part.

“True happiness comes from the effort of making others happy”.

We, the *Rotaract Club of SBMJC, KGF In Collaboration with RVCE, Bangalore on 26th April 2023   “Muskaan”.

The event was headed by  our  beloved Principal Dr.Rekha Sethi. we had  a small gesture towards the ones who makes our everyday lives easier by  providing  them BUTTER  MILK to our Staff’s.

Through this little acts of kindness, We made  them realize how grateful we’re to have them in our life.