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News Reading Competition

The Department of English organised a News Reading Competition on Tuesday, 22nd  October 2019. The students took part enthusiastically. The objective of the competition was to encourage the students to improve their reading skills and enhance their general awareness. The talented newsreaders read the main headlines, national and international news, state and city news, business, sports, entertainment news, etc. The volume, pitch, pace, accent, tone, voice modulation, etc were evaluated. The students were judged on the basis of confidence, expression, intonation, pronunciation and fluency. It also gave them a feel of the world of media and journalism.

Greeting Card Making competition

The English Literary Club organised a Greeting Card Making competition on Tuesday,     9th October 2018. The students took part enthusiastically; two in a team. The cards brought out their creative, innovative ideas. Birthday, teachers’ day, friendship day cards, etc were made in an attractive manner exhibiting their skill and aesthetic sense.